High Performance
No Compromise

ZERO Carbon emissions
ZERO Fuel consumption
ZERO OPEX & maintenance costs
ZERO Environmental risk

EcoQuip is a customer-focused Australian OEM that manufactures and supplies the award-winning EcoQuip solar lighting, communications and surveillance tower solutions.

Developed with US-domiciled design, electronics and software partners over 4 years, EcoQuip solutions incorporate US military build quality and the proprietary EcoQuip technology platform comprising a high-performance solar / BESS power management solution, live data analytics and remote system management capabilities.

Decarbonising industrial and resource sector equipment is an important component of the “Net Zero” energy transition journey. EcoQuip solutions will help you get there.

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Live Data

MSLT4 units are working 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year across the globe.

Diesel saved worldwide

Litres of diesel fuel our fleet of MSLT4 units has saved so far.


CO2 abated worldwide

Tonnes of CO2 our fleet of MSLT4 units has saved so far.


Why Choose Us?

In 2018, EcoQuip commenced an exhaustive global search to identify design partners compatible with our vision to create zero-emission, future industry equipment solutions. EcoQuip’s objectives were to:

  1. Create a market leading ESG compliant mobile energy platform capable of step change power budget reliability performance; and
  2. Create ‘future industry’ mobile equipment solutions that deliver compelling customer value.

We set aspirational performance targets and tasked ourselves and our partners with ’moon-shot’ capability objectives. Four years later, EcoQuip’s ‘moon-shot’ objectives were achieved and many were exceeded. The EcoQuip technology platform incorporates high-performance solar energy storage, high-efficiency power management, extensive data telemetry reporting and remote asset management capabilities. By choosing an EcoQuip solution, you will enjoy US military specification build quality and a technology platform that delivers the market-leading capabilities required by industries of the future.

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