About Us

Creating Emissions-Free Solutions for Our Customers

Specialising in Autonomous Mobile Solar Lighting, Communications, and Surveillance

EcoQuip, an award-winning Australian company, is at the forefront of creating emissions-free solutions for businesses. We specialise in designing, developing, and manufacturing autonomous mobile solar lighting, communications, and surveillance tower solutions.

Our ESG equipment solutions assist businesses to decarbonise their operations across various industries such as mining, civil & construction infrastructure. This is achieved by reducing their scope 1 carbon emissions and operating costs.

EcoQuip’s commitment to developing competitively advantaged ESG solutions has led us to partner with significant US-domiciled fabrication and technology partners for over a decade. Together, we innovate OEM mobile solar-powered equipment solutions that deliver ‘step change’ power budget performance, charge and performance efficiency. These solutions enhance site productivity and achieve up to 50% cost savings relative to the equivalent traditional hydrocarbon-fuelled equipment alternatives.

We develop and supply zero emission future solutions to support customers to deliver a sustainable future.

An EcoQuip mobile solar tower at sunset.