Client Testimonials

“These Solar lights are great

These Solar lights are great. As effective as diesel towers in regards to the light thrown. Especially with no fuel requirements

“Best trailer I have seen”

Honestly the best trailer I have seen. Quality product. Military grade construction built to last harsh conditions. You get what you pay for and what you pay for here is good quality. Well done EcoQuip.

“Consistent performance and reliability in all weather conditions”

Thiess Contracting has utilised the EcoQuip MSLT LED lighting and MSCT Wi-Fi repeater solutions in the field at its FMG Solomon contract mining operation for 3 years. The EcoQuip mobile power solutions have delivered consistent performance and reliability in all weather conditions. We continue to enjoy significant cost benefits.
Thiess Contracting

“100% reliability throughout the Mitchell Freeway extension”

The MSLT performed with 100% reliability throughout the Mitchell Freeway northern extension construction job, including the winter months. The zero noise and exhaust emission features were essential given the proximity of residential receptors. The cost saving was material. We’ll use this solution again. It enhances our environmental credentials.
John Holland, WA

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