High Performance, No Compromise with EcoQuip

Achieving Industry-Leading Performance with Zero-Emission Solar Light Towers

The EcoQuip development journey started with the strategic objective to displace traditional mobile diesel-fuelled illumination equipment with a world-class, zero-emission solar / BESS mobile lighting solution.

We understood that new technologies only achieve commercialisation success when they present a compelling commercial benefit to customers. Lower cost, enhanced safety, high reliability and integration with the ‘internet of things’ was all critical to achieve a compelling customer offering that motivates procurement decisions. Zero-emission new technologies are only a novelty if the value proposition is absent.

To achieve all these outcomes from a single equipment solution requires high performance, uncompromised innovation and new technology, EcoQuip needed to convince customers that our solar lighting solutions can contribute to customers achieving industry-leading performance and capability within their businesses.

The EcoQuip new technology journey faced many challenges and regularly confronted the development team with “fork in road” alternatives. When faced with these “fork in the road” alternatives, we maintained a resolute commitment to our core philosophy of “no comprises”. The easy road was never an option.

So, what does High Performance, No Compromise mean to our customers?

Simply put, high performance no compromise means EcoQuip customers secure a world class zero emission equipment solution that will exceed expectations.

Industry leadership and innovation require the adoption of new technology to deliver an optimised future path. Whether it’s remote illumination, network reinforcement or surveillance solution, EcoQuip will provide the dependable, high-performance, no-compromise future solution you’ve been waiting for; today.

An EcoQuip Mobile Solar Light Tower at night.

Ready for a high performance EcoQuip ESG solution?