EcoQuip Solutions Save You Money

Continuous improvement to deliver operating cost reductions and improved safety is critical to maintaining business competitiveness.

By selecting and using an EcoQuip solution, you will immediately deliver OPEX, emission, maintenance, and safety benefits for your business. Further, if an EcoQuip solution is displacing traditional diesel-fuelled equipment this will reduce site asset management activities and related human resource requirements.

Zero Fuel costs

Zero fuel use reduces cost and eliminates Scope 1 emissions. Benefits include the elimination of refuelling labour, related light vehicle use and fuel storage requirements.

Zero Upfront Costs

Utilising the best technology can come with high capital costs. EcoQuip applies a simple fleet hire business model with a commitment to performance delivery without upfront customer costs.

Zero Scheduled Maintenance

EcoQuip equipment solutions require no scheduled maintenance. Traditional diesel-fuelled light tower solutions require regular maintenance, oil change, component wear replacement and trades labour expertise.

EcoQuip solutions do not require mechanical and electrical trades labour resources. This can improve site labour productivity, accelerate the availability of equipment, and reduce related costs.

EcoQuip’s autonomous equipment solutions have a simple touch-screen interface for site operator intervention.

Zero Attendance

EcoQuip solutions are designed to eliminate human intervention once deployed.

Ready for a high performance EcoQuip ESG solution?