Unmatched Reliability in EcoQuip’s Mobile Solar Light Towers

Superior Charge Efficiency and Energy Storage for All-Year Performance

As the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of the Australian design-led, assembled and US fabricated EcoQuip Zero-Emission Solar Light, Communication and Surveillance Towers, our commitment to reliability and performance sets us apart. We pride ourselves on the design and manufacture of equipment that’s built to outlast and outperform alternative products worldwide.

With over ten years of Solar / BESS powered design and manufacturing experience, spanning over four product generations, we provide our clients with a mobile power system that boasts superior charge efficiency, energy storage, and power management. This ensures power supply reliability and performance that is second to none.

Power Budget Reliability

The reliability of the EcoQuip technology platform has achieved  a significant improvement in Mobile Solar Light / Communications / Surveillance Tower solutions. This market-leading power supply performance is a result of EcoQuip’s OEM-designed and developed technology.

All EcoQuip solutions are Wi-Fi, 4G, and satellite-enabled for live telemetry and potential monitoring system integration with customer operational management platforms. EcoQuip’s data analytics solution provides real-time, pre-emptive maintenance and fault alert notifications.

An EcoQuip Mobile Solar Light Tower illuminating a site in the desert.

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