Enhancing Worksite Safety with EcoQuip Solutions

Zero Emissions, Zero Noise, Zero Maintenance Risk with EcoQuip Mobile Solar Equipment Solutions

EcoQuip solutions, including our solar lighting solutions, have been designed with ease of deployment in mind. Weighing 1150kg, they can be safely deployed by a single operator. Once deployed, the units are fully autonomous and require no scheduled maintenance or operational intervention.

Our solutions incorporate the EcoQuip OEM technology platform that incorporates up to 22kWh of Solar / Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and a high-efficiency power management system. The reliable power combined with the remote system management capability removes the need for site personnel to be physically present to perform daily prestart checks, eliminating all risks associated with human intervention.

The displacement of traditional diesel-fuelled combustion equipment eliminates scheduled maintenance and asset management activities. This reduces the requirement for a human-machine interface and associated trades labour intervention risk.

The award-winning EcoQuip design delivers zero Scope 1 emissions, zero exhaust, zero noise, or risk of hydrocarbon spills, resulting in a significant improvement in overall site and employee safety.

A man holding a tablet in front of a Mobile Solar Light Tower at a mine site.

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