Smart Technology

Delivering energy transition solutions to market is never an overnight success story. The EcoQuip technology platform was developed over several years working with EcoQuip’s outstanding US domiciled aero-space electronics, firmware, and software development partners.

The technology platform incorporates two integrated critical sub-systems:

  1. a proprietary Solar / BESS power management and energy storage system delivering 22KWh of storage, up to ~40% enhanced efficiency and multiple diagnostic capabilities; and
  2. a proprietary data collection, communication and remote control enabled system that captures and communicates salient data to an EcoQuip database via wi-Fi, 4G or satellite. This sub-system enables remote management control of each EcoQuip solution.

The technology enables our customers to significantly reduce site operational costs by up to ~50%, improve site safety & productivity and achieve scope 1 carbon emissions abatement compared to existing hydro-carbon fuelled alternatives.

This technology platform is the enabling capability of all EcoQuip equipment solutions.


EcoControl is an EcoQuip OEM subscription service that provides autonomous performance monitoring and reporting, remote-control capability and real time performance data analytics and reporting. EcoQuip Customers can subscribe to access the EcoControl service offering.

Utilising Wi-Fi, LTE or satellite connectivity, EcoControl sends live performance data to an EcoQuip cloud-based platform and processes the data for web-based client portal access. The EcoControl subscription tool enables EcoQuip Customers to dive deeper and proactively manage their EcoQuip solution fleet.

EcoControl can integrate with Customer control room notifications highlighting fault and pre-emptive maintenance / equipment failure information, power budget state of charge, historical charge performance, GPS location, geo-fencing settings, battery temperature, voltage and Scope 1 emission reduction reporting, resulting in Optimised asset performance and reliability.

The remote-control capability allows for functional management over all critical systems, setting changes such as mode (auto/manual) light on/off trigger times, scheduled light on/off operation and emergency intervention are all accessible remotely, reducing requirements for regular site operator intervention.

The EcoControl technology and functionality delivers the required equipment capabilities for the resource and infrastructure projects of the future, today.

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