EcoQuip Secures 5-Year Mobile Solar Light Tower Master Hire Agreement

A solar light tower in the desert at dusk.

In July 2021, EcoQuip, after successful trials directly with Chevron Australia signed a 5-Year Master Dry Hire Agreement for the deployment of the EcoQuip Mobile Solar Light Tower (MSLT) technology at the Chevron-operated natural gas facility on Barrow Island Western Australia.

EcoQuip the first deployment pursuant to the Hire Agreement 25 x EcoQuip Gen4 Mobile Solar Lighting Towers (MSLT4) has been delivered.

The Hire Agreement has been secured after 18 months of successful product demonstration trialling on Barrow Island. The EcoQuip Gen4 MSLT has satisfied Chevron’s stringent environmental, illumination performance and reliability requirements.

This milestone is the culmination of 4-years of outstanding innovative product design, engineering and supply chain development by the EcoQuip team and, particularly EcoQuip founder Dave Sharp. Dave, with the support of EcoQuip’s US-domiciled military equipment, aerospace electronics and illumination partners, has maintained a steadfast commitment to creating a new global benchmark in Mobile Solar / Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) LED lighting design and performance.

EcoQuip Founder & General Manager, Mr Dave Sharp said;

“The deployment of the EcoQuip MSLTs at the Chevron-operated Gorgon natural gas facility brings into sharp focus the significant commitment by Chevron to support local WA businesses that deliver innovative solutions. In EcoQuip’s case, a technology that reduces both Scope 1 carbon emissions and costs.

The EcoQuip MSLT offering is both environmentally and commercially compelling. The Solar / BESS lighting system we have developed achieves an overall efficiency gain of ~40% compared to industry standard Solar / BESS LED lighting systems. We believe it’s the new benchmark in Solar/BESS lighting system performance, capable of the broad displacement of diesel-fuelled mobile lighting alternatives and thereby, satisfying the requirements of the “resource projects of the future”; today.

We are continuing to work with Chevron to identify additional deployment opportunities across its extensive Australian and global asset base. The broader opportunities for the EcoQuip MSLT across the mining and oil and gas sectors in Australia and globally are significant and compelling.”

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