Ecoquip Signs BHP Mobile Solar Light Tower Trial Agreement

A Australian mine site.

In May 2022, EcoQuip signed a 6-month Mobile Solar Light Tower (MSLT) demonstration trial agreement with BHP Iron Ore Pty Ltd.

The Demonstration Agreement was the result of 6 months during which EcoQuip worked with BHP to develop MSLT design modifications to satisfy BHP internal site standards including enhanced HSE and incremental automated functionality (BHP Modifications).

These BHP Modifications followed an initial 15-month BHP MSLT trial in 2020/21 during which BHP trailed the EcoQuip MSLT in multiple duty locations at the BHP Pilbara iron ore operations.

The 4x EcoQuip Gen4 MSLTs the subject of the trial were assembled and commissioned at EcoQuip’s Kewdale workshop in Perth Western Australia.

The BHP MSLT Demonstration deployment has since been extended to a 12–month period to allow BHP to complete a comprehensive MSLT technical evaluation and comprehensive illumination performance assessment across the company’s Pilbara operations.

Displacing each site-based traditional diesel-fuelled mobile light tower with an EcoQuip MSLT will abate Scope 1 CO2 emissions, reduce light tower costs by ~40-50% and reduce site-based service personnel requirements.

The MSLT data telemetry, data analytics reporting and remote performance control capabilities will deliver improved reliability, productivity and reduce HSE risks associated with diesel-fueled light tower service activities.

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