Designed and manufactured by EcoQuip and our US military equipment, aerospace electronics & software partners, the MSCT4 is a ‘mission critical’, high-performance mobile communications support solution for autonomous IT network reinforcement and remote site communications.

The MSCT4 was developed for the toughest of Australia’s mining and remote location environments. Working with our US defence fabrication partner and power electronics contractors, we’ve created a remote communications solution with the power budget and performance reliability to power ‘mission critical’ network support and reinforcement systems.

Originally developed to support Australia’s resource sector autonomous mining systems, the MSCT4 is communications technology agnostic and capable of powering multiple communications technologies including Wi-Fi, 4/5G, LTE, mesh Wi-Fi and satellite systems.

EcoQuip fabricates headstock design solutions to optimally accommodate your preferred communications technology.

Zero Carbon Emissions
Zero Scheduled Maintenance
Zero Scheduled Downtime
Zero Operating Costs



  • Max Height = 8 metres
  • Operation = Mechanical
  • Rotation = 360°
  • Type = Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) – 22kWh
  • Voltage = 48 volts
  • PV Modules = 3 x 400 watts
  • Type = Mine spec, Road Licenced
  • Weight = 1150kg
  • Stabilisers = 4 x Stabiliser Legs
  • Dimensions Packed = 3.1m L x 1.5m W x 2.4m H
  • Dimensions Deployed = 3.1m L x 3.41m W x 8m H
  • Ventilation = Yes
  • Wind Rating = Category D (100km/h)
  • GPS Asset Tracking & data analytics
  • Automated Mast
  • 4 x Head Luminaires

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