Developed for specific situational awareness circumstances in remote locations with or without 4G or Wi-Fi connectivity, the EcoQuip MSST4 is a mobile, high-reliability security surveillance and networking solution with Wi-Fi, 4G or remote satellite capabilities.

Working with our communication technology partners, EcoQuip has achieved a robust, reliable and cost-effective design solution for environmental wildlife monitoring, ‘mission critical’ security monitoring and threat activity recognition in remote locations and sensitive environments.

Like all EcoQuip solutions, our proprietary Solar / BESS and power electronics technology platform achieves, market-leading power budget reliability and redundancy and is capable of powering a broad range of surveillance camera hardware and communications technology combination options.

The MSST4 requires no scheduled maintenance and can be configured to be operated and controlled anywhere worldwide.

Zero Carbon Emissions
Zero Scheduled Maintenance
Zero Operating Costs
Zero Trades Requirement



  • Max Height = 8 metres
  • Operation = Mechanical
  • Rotation = 360°
  • Type = Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) – 22kWh
  • Voltage = 48 volts
  • PV Modules = 3 x 400 watts
  • Type = Mine spec, Road Licenced
  • Weight = 1150kg
  • Stabilisers = 4 x Stabiliser Legs
  • Dimensions Packed = 3.1m L x 1.5m W x 2.4m H
  • Dimensions Deployed = 3.1m L x 3.41m W x 8m H
  • Ventilation = Yes
  • Wind Rating = Category D (100km/h)
  • GPS Asset Tracking & data analytics
  • Automated Mast

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