Past, Present & Future

EcoQuip’s Journey: Past, Present & Future

Advancing ESG Objectives with Emissions-Free Solutions


EcoQuip, a pioneer in mobile solar lighting solutions, was founded in 2013 by Dave Sharp. With his experience in the resources and rooftop solar installation sectors, Dave recognised the global potential for a zero-emission solar/battery-powered mobile light tower. He envisioned a solution that could offer the necessary reliability and illumination performance to replace traditional diesel-powered mobile lighting solutions.

Over five years, Dave designed and manufactured EcoQuip’s initial mobile solar light towers in his home garage. He then collaborated with suppliers and subcontractor partners to create two further solar light tower solutions, each with incrementally enhanced illumination performance and reliability.

In 2018, Dave partnered with ASX-listed Volt Power Group Limited (Volt) to advance the design and development of a fourth-generation Mobile Solar Light / Communications Tower solution. The Volt Board supported Dave’s vision of a bespoke step-change power management, telemetry, illumination, and storage technology platform. They believed it was possible and necessary to achieve the reliability, illumination performance, and charge efficiency needed to displace traditional diesel-fuelled lighting solutions.

A outback illuminated by an EcoQuip Mobile Solar Light Tower.
An EcoQuipmobile solar light tower illuminating a mine site.


By late 2021, after four years of new technology development, trialling, and testing with our US partners, we had achieved and exceeded our “moon-shot” aspiration. Today, EcoQuip enables customers to advance ESG objectives & operational cost reduction targets by offering our emissions-free solutions. These solutions displace diesel-fuelled equipment alternatives, improve solution reliability, and reduce equipment scheduled maintenance. We are a customer-focused business, capable of supplying mobile solar power equipment solutions anywhere across the globe.


As an OEM equipment solution developer, EcoQuip maintains a committed focus on continuous technology development and performance improvement. We share the philosophy and perspective that if EcoQuip is not actively moving forward with new product initiatives through technology development, we are going backwards. We are dedicated to transparency and competitive advantage to deliver a compelling customer value proposition.

EcoQuip Solar Lighting Solution in the desert.