Mobile Solar Light Tower (MSLT4)

The Future of Mobile Solar Light Towers with Zero Carbon Emissions

Harnessing Advanced Technology for Reliable Solar Lighting

Developed to disrupt diesel-fuelled mobile light towers, the award-winning EcoQuip MSLT4 is ESG compliant, delivering Scope 1 emission abatement, improved safety, and up to ~50% cost savings. The MSLT4 is designed to endure harsh mine site & construction environments.

Built to US military quality specifications, including the proprietary EcoQuip technology platform, the MSLT4 has:

  • a high efficiency 22kWh Solar / BESS storage & power management system delivering superior power budget reliability;
  • significant cost-saving benefits compared to traditional diesel-fuelled alternatives;
  • a remote asset management and data telemetry system providing real-time data analytics, remote operational control and monitoring capabilities; and
  • bespoke ‘high-efficiency’ luminaires

Once deployed, the EcoQuip MSLT4 is an autonomous ‘set and forget” solution that requires no scheduled life-cycle maintenance and related trades. The robust design allows for quick and simple component change-out without the need for specialist technicians. The benefits of no scheduled maintenance are enhanced by the remote management capability, reducing downtime and improving site safety.


A green truck with a Solar Lighting Solutions light attached to it.

The EcoQuip MSLT4 is the future of mobile solar light towers. It’s salient features include:

Zero Carbon Emissions

Zero Fuel Consumption

Zero Operational Costs

Zero Environment Risk


  • Type = LED
  • Luminaires = 6 Head
  • Lumens = 105,000
  • Voltage = 48 Volts
  • Rotation = 360°
  • Lifespan = 100,000 hrs
  • Max Height = 8 metres
  • Operation = Mechanical
  • Rotation = 360°
  • Type = Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) – 22kWh
  • Voltage = 48 volts
  • PV Modules = 3 x 400 watts
  • Type = Mine spec, Road Licenced
  • Weight = 1150kg
  • Stabilisers = 4 x Stabiliser Legs
  • Dimensions Packed = 3.1m L x 1.5m W x 2.4m H
  • Dimensions Deployed = 3.1m L x 3.41m W x 8m H
  • Ventilation = Yes
  • Wind Rating = Category D (100km/h)
  • GPS Asset Tracking & data analytics
  • Automated Mast
  • 4 x Head Luminaires
A Mobile Solar Light Tower on an EcoQuip trailer.

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