Unmatched Performance and Reliability for Mining: The EcoQuip Mobile Solar Lighting Tower (MSLT4)

Unmatched performance and reliability EcoQuip with mobile solar light tower.

When considering switching your existing lighting tower fleet to a sustainable emission-free solution, the EcoQuip Mobile Solar Lighting Tower (MSLT4) stands head and shoulders above the competition. With unrivalled reliability, zero scheduled maintenance requirements and exceptional illumination performance, it outshines all other alternatives available in the market.

The MSLT4 is Fully Autonomous through Smart Technology

The autonomous technology momentum within the mining sector is increasing. This shift is revolutionizing the industry, enabling companies to enhance safety and productivity outcomes significantly.
As we move deeper into a digitised world, EcoQuip remains committed to creating value for its customers by enhancing the user experience through continuous advancement of its proprietary MSLT4 autonomous smart technology.

Information is Power

Utilising the very best smart technology developed in collaboration with EcoQuip’s aerospace electronics and software partners, the EcoQuip Technology Platform delivers customers real-time data analytics and performance reporting, remote operational control and autonomous notification capability via a cloud based portal. This real-time data empowers proactive operational management, minimizing unplanned downtime and enhances productivity and safety.

Unparalleled Illumination Performance

The EcoQuip MSLT4 sets a new standard for illumination performance. Its advanced high-efficiency luminaire design and power management enabled by the EcoQuip Technology Platform, delivers market leading illumination capability.

Reliability That Outlasts in Mining Environments

Reliability is a crucial factor in choosing a solar lighting tower for demanding environments like mine sites. The EcoQuip MSLT4 has been designed and developed to withstand the harshest of seasonal weather conditions. Its high reliable power budget and power management performance ensures the MSLT4 delivers 365 nights of ‘lights on’, providing uninterrupted illumination when and where it’s needed.

Zero Scheduled Maintenance, Maximum Efficiency

Traditional diesel-fuelled lighting towers frequently require regular scheduled maintenance, leading to operational disruption and significant OPEX. The EcoQuip MSLT4 requires no OPEX. By leveraging solar power and the EcoQuip Technology Platform, the MSLT4 operates autonomously without the need for any scheduled maintenance delivering no interruptions, substantial cost savings and improved mine site productivity.

Unmatched Value Proposition

When considering switching your existing lighting tower fleet, the EcoQuip MSLT4 is the undisputed leader. The EcoQuip MSLT4 offers an unparalleled value proposition for mine operators seeking a high performing mobile solar lighting tower solution. Its unmatched reliability, superior illumination performance, and zero scheduled maintenance requirements translate into zero emissions, substantial cost savings, increased productivity and safety.

Investing in a high performance EcoQuip MSLT4 fleet means investing in emission reduction, optimal productivity, cost savings and peace of mind.

Experience the EcoQuip difference today and illuminate your operations with an EcoQuip high-performance zero emission Mobile solar light tower. Visit our equipment page to learn more about our solutions or contact us for more information.

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