The Innovative New Technology behind the EcoQuip Mobile Solar Light Tower (MSLT4)

The innovative new technology behind the MSLT.

EcoQuip understands that pushing technology boundaries and striving for ’moon-shot’ outcomes is critical to creating new zero emission resource sector compatible equipment solutions. That’s why, four years ago, EcoQuip embarked on an exhaustive global search for exceptional partners in the US aerospace industry to help achieve our aspirations for the MSLT4.

The result of this endeavour is the EcoQuip MSLT4 incorporating the EcoQuip Technology Platform – a new technology driven game changer for remote site mobile solar lighting solutions.

What sets the EcoQuip MSLT4 Technology Platform apart from alternative light towers?

The EcoQuip Technology Platform has achieved a ‘step change’ in mobile solar power management and battery energy storage systems (BESS). Its uniqueness lies in the seamless integration of two critical sub-systems, combining enhanced power budget performance and charge / discharge efficiency with autonomous operation and comprehensive data analytics telemetry.

The EcoQuip Technology Platform enables the MSLT4 to deliver a zero emission, zero OPEX, zero scheduled maintenance illumination equipment solution without peer.

Proprietary Solar Power Management and LFP Battery Energy Storage System

At the core of the EcoQuip Technology Platform is a proprietary OEM solar power electronics and BESS system. With an impressive 22KWh LFP storage capacity, the system delivers a robust, reliable power budget and power management efficiency approximately 40% better than utilised in alternative solar illumination equipment.

The MSLT4’s enhanced charge/discharge efficiency and multiple diagnostic capabilities ensure optimised energy harvest and consumption for mission critical illumination reliability.

The EcoQuip Technology Platform also delivers this mission critical illumination year round including the winter months where alternative equipment solutions require external power supplementation.

Proprietary Data Telemetry, Communication, and Autonomous Control System

The EcoQuip Technology Platform telemetry, diagnostic capabilities and autonomous remote management system captures and communicates critical performance data to a cloud-based database via Wi-Fi, 4G, or satellite connection.

Customers can access and view the data through EcoQuip’s customer web-enabled portal called EcoControl.

EcoControl enables remote customer management and performance status of all MSLT4 critical systems from any web-connected device. Whether it’s adjusting mode settings (auto/manual), programming light on/off trigger times, or addressing emergency situations, EcoControl eliminates the need for constant presentation to illumination assets by autonomously generating pre-emptive performance notifications. Furthermore, EcoControl generates ESG compliance reports of predetermined sustainability metrics such as diesel fuel saved and scope 1 emissions abated.

By seamlessly integrating these two sub-systems, the EcoQuip Technology Platform empowers our customers to reduce operational costs by up to ~50%, significantly enhance site productivity, achieve scope 1 emission abatement, and enhance overall site safety.

The EcoQuip MSLT4 delivers a comprehensive value proposition for the mines and infrastructure projects of the future. It embodies ESG innovation created by globally significant partner capabilities, contributes to customer energy transition milestones and provides for a safer autonomous operating environment.

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