Why West Cost Civil Chose EcoQuip’s Mobile Solar Light Tower Over Diesel Alternatives

Why West Cost Civil Chose EcoQuip’s Mobile Solar Light Tower Over Diesel Alternatives.

In October 2022, Perth-based civil construction company West Coast Civil (WCC) were awarded a contract by Perth Airport. The contract scope included a works schedule to be completed prior to the planned opening of the new Redcliffe railway station, which is a part of Perth’s largest infrastructure project, the Perth – Forrestfield-Airport Link.

The works incorporated improved pedestrian access from Redcliffe Station to the Perth Airport terminal including pavement construction, concrete kerbing and island infill, wayfinding signage, landscaping and permanent street lighting.

The works required the replacement of multiple streetlights along the pedestrian route from Redcliffe station to the airport terminal. A 10-week lead time for the specified light poles required WCC to provide temporary illumination along the pedestrian pathway and other temporary work-site lighting.

Historically, WCC hired diesel-fuelled light towers for site illumination. Traditional diesel-fuelled light towers require periodic refuelling to ensure reliable operation. The fuel cost and refuelling labour add to the contract completion expense. Safety and access issues also arise with regular refuelling activity.

New projects require contractors to comply with new ESG policy standards including initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions and enhanced safety. WCC maintains a keen eye on new technologies that enable cost and emission reduction competitive advantage.

WCC director Ryan Oliver said “Maximising project delivery sustainability outcomes for our clients is important to the future of WCC. The EcoQuip Mobile Solar Lighting Tower (MSLT) was a fantastic decision. Once the site was deployed, the EcoQuip MSLT required no intervention until demobilisation from the site. They were 100% reliable. We are determined to adopt equipment solutions that mitigate the WCC environmental impact and enable WCC to reduce cost for our clients.”

EcoQuip’s BDM Chris McRae said “It’s terrific that WCC appreciated the multiple benefits of using the EcoQuip MSLT. The MSLT added a zero-emission, reduced cost and safety-enhanced component to the WCC works execution. WCC abated ~11 tonnes of CO2 emissions and saved fuel costs of ~$10,000. That’s the most compelling aspect of the EcoQuip MSLT; there is zero OPEX and maintenance required which after the MSLT hire charge reduces cost by between 40-50% compared to traditional diesel-fuelled lighting tower alternatives.”

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