EcoQuip’s Innovative Technology Platform Delivers Immediate ESG Results

Ecoup technology delivers esg results.

The global focus on industrial carbon emission reduction continues to gather momentum. Since 2018, EcoQuip has pursued the development of new technologies to achieve its ‘moonshot’ objective to supply robust, zero emission equipment solutions. Over 4 years, EcoQuip has collaborated with US-based aerospace electronics, firmware, and software partners to develop the EcoQuip Technology Platform.

The platform incorporates a power management, battery storage and data analytics capability that delivers mission critical reliability, ‘live’ data communication and autonomous operation. The EcoQuip Mobile Solar Lighting Tower (MSLT4) stands as a testament to the EcoQuip Technology Platform. The MSLT4 has the illumination and reliability performance to displace traditional fossil fuelled and conventional solar powered illumination solutions.

ESG Compliance and Sustainability Leadership

For businesses seeking to ameliorate long ESG project lead-times and accelerate the delivery of carbon emission abatement, a partnership with EcoQuip can deliver immediate results. Mining companies are turning to forward-thinking technology focused businesses like EcoQuip for deployment ready ESG solutions. In addition to immediate scope 1 emission reduction achieved when displacing traditional diesel-fuelled lighting plant, the EcoQuip MSLT4 enhances site productivity, safety, and reduces site mechanical trades requirement and cost, boasting ~30% – 50% OPEX reduction compared to traditional diesel-powered lighting plant.

Integrated Data Analytics and Reporting

EcoQuip’s Technology Platform extends to comprehensive ‘live’ data analytics and reporting, allowing customers to monitor critical performance metrics. Via the EcoQuip cloud-based portal, customers secure access to this ‘live’ performance and pre-emptive reliability reporting. The portal empowers customers to monitor ESG performance metrics and generate automatic ESG reporting. These capabilities also reduce asset management resource requirements and communication of ESG performance to internal and external stakeholders.

A Sustainable Future with EcoQuip

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